SAP Bank Analyzer and HANA

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SAP Bank Analyzer and HANA

Bank Analyzer AFI

Large international companies, particularly banks, are constantly challenged by not only local accounting and reporting regulations, but also international ones, e.g. IRFS.   To meet those challenges SAP introduced the Bank Analyzer module AFI (Accounting for Financial Instruments), which allows for valuation and accounting of financial instruments, impairment, and hedge accounting based on diverse accounting standards and regulations.   

 FMC has profound expertise not only in the various accounting standards and their business implications, but also in-depth knowledge of the regulated financial products, be it from specialty financing companies, commercial banks, investment banks or globally operating financial conglomerates. In addition to the subject matter and business know-how FMC also has the technical expertise to implement SAP-AFI and Smart AFI, and can be your ideal consulting partner.


To fulfill the regulatory requirements it is usually not sufficient to comply with Basel II or Basel III.  It is also necessary to calculate liquidity indicators like LCR (Liquidity Coverage Ratio) and NSFR (Net Stable Funding Ratio), and to monitor and stress test based on shifts in market data, PD, LGD and others.

In all the above areas FMC has deep subject matter expertise and can provide support in the implementation of the business requirements. In addition we can support you in-depth in the implementation of CVPM processes and configuration of the CRA.

SAP Cost and Revenue Allocation for Financial Products

The new module “Cost and Revenue Allocation” combines the fast HANA architecture, without having to hold data, with the allocation of income and expenses based on complex algorithms, and with the calculation of Funding Rates and Inventories using the market rate method

We frequently supported our clients particularly in the implementation of complex controlling Systems. 


As a result of the heterogeneous nature of the regulatory reporting requirements, and also simply as a result of the massive amount of needed data is it necessary to think about whether or not the currently used database technology is sufficient.   SAP HANA offers several advantages for the user, not only based on the SAP modules, but also through

- avoiding LSA++ data redundancies
- increased processing speed, as well as
- HANA’s increased data compression ability which allows to keep more data in memory.

This allows for regulatory reporting directly on HANA, and is partially even necessary.  Through the inclusion of “R” a significantly higher number of statistical functions for risk management can be used.

FMC has experience in relevant HANA assessments and can also help overcome possible stumbling blocks with a HANA upgrade and related functional enhancements.