It's the winning combination

FMC combines methodological competence, expertise and experience into a successful team.

The Company

Since 1999, FMC Feindt Management Consulting GmbH and its already 40 committed employees have been successfully supporting credit institutions and their partners in various questions related to business and software technology.  With more than 100 projects on four continents, we have had a long track record of success ever since our foundation. In doing so, we combine our branch-specific expertise with information technology (IT) and organizational competencies to enhance the competitiveness of our customers.

We have been an SAP Service Partner since 2009.

What is our recipe for success? Dialogue with our customers, our partners and the software producers on a continual basis: prior, during and after a project. It is extremely important to look at the wider environment which may affect the project's outcome in order to reduce project relevant issues.